PILOT PMAC202 RS485 Multi Channel Power Meter for Data Center solution

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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Measuring Current Range:
Measuring Voltage Range:
220/ 380V
Accuracy Class:
Operating Temperature:
-10℃ ~ +55 ℃
Incoming circuit:
1 circuit, three phase multi meter
Outgoing circuit:
21 or 42 (Opthonal)
RS485 port
Baud rate::
2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 (optional)
Multi fixed CT trip or independent CT (optional)
Main monitor::
Volt, Amp, Watt, kWh, demand, harmonic etc
Branch monitor::
Volt, Amp, Watt, kWh, demand etc
PMAC202 RS485 Multi Channel Energy Meter for Data Center solution
CT input for branch circuit:
50A, 100A, 200A
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
2000 Unit/Units per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Carton, flier, user-manual
zhuhai port

PILOT PMAC202  RS485 Multi Channel Energy Meter for Data Center Solution




Load management
Data Center
Data storage industry
Lighting Panels
Product Description


Main feature:

    Ø Measuring: 1 main circuit + 42 branch circuits
    Ø DI/DO: 4 status inputs (dry contact) , 2 relay outputs, 1 pulse output

    Ø Settable Pre-Alarm function:
        Main circuit: Alarm for voltage, current, current unbalance (optional alarm for leakage current/ temperature alarm)
        Branch circuit: Alarm for current  (lo-lo-limit, lo-limit, hi-limit, hi-hi-limit)
    Ø Communication: RS485, support Modbus-RTU protocol
    Ø Phase sequence of branch circuit is programmable
    Ø Optional CT input for branch circuit: 50A, 100A, 200A
    Ø Settable wiring for branch circuit: Either single phase or 3 phase
    Ø Historical kWh record: kWh yearly consumption of last 10 years,
                                               kWh monthly consumption of last 12 months



    Main circuit measuring:                                                                           Branch circuit measuring: 

                                                                               Accuracy                                                                                                  Accuracy

    Ø Voltage - Ua, Ub, Uc                                         (0.5%)                           Ø Current - I, Max. I                                            (0.5%) 

    Ø Current - Ia, Ib, Ic, I unbal, Max. I                     (0.5%)                           Ø Active power -P                                               (1.0%) 

    Ø Active power - Pa, Pb, Pc, ∑P                          (1.0%)                           Ø Reactive power - Q                                         (1.0%) 

    Ø Reactive power - Qa, Qb, Qc, ∑Q                    (2.0%)                           Ø Power factor - PF                                            (1.0%) 

    Ø Power factor - PF                                             (1.0%)                            Ø Active energy - kWh                                       (1.0%) 

    Ø Frequency - F                                                (±0.01Hz)                         Ø Reactive energy - kvarh                                  (2.0%)

    Ø Active energy - kWh                                         (1.0%)                            Ø Demand (for I, P) and Max. demand

    Ø Reactive energy - kvarh                                   (2.0%)                            Ø THD for I

    Ø Demand (for 3I, 3P, Ptot) and Max. demand

    Ø THD for U, I                                                     (2~31st)

    Ø Current - Ia, Ib, Ic, I unbal, Max. I                     (0.5%)

    Ø Leakage current (Optional)                               (0.5%)

    Ø Temperature (Optional)                                 (0~120.0°C)



PMAC202 &Accessories:

   Main Module: Monitoring 21 or 42 branch circuits
   PMAC202-M (For multiple fixed CT strip)
   PMAC202-S1 ( For 25mA input CT )
   PMAC202-S2 ( For 50mA input CT )
   PMAC202-S3 ( For 100mA input CT)                                                                                                                            Unit: mm
   CT Module: 
   1) Multiple fixed CT strip: Multiple fixed CT strip, rated current 50A/ 25mA, Each CT strip has 21 fixed CTs, accuracy: class 0.5
   2) Independent fixed CT: Rated current 50A/ 25mA, standard CT cable length : 2.5m, accuracy : class 0.5 
   2) Split core CTs: Rated current: 50A/ 25mA, diameter: 10mm or 16mm (Optional), standard CT cable length: 2m, accuracy : class 0.5
                                 Rated current: 100A/50mA or 100A/100mA, diameter: 16mm, standard CT cable length: 2m, accuracy : class 0.5
                                 Rated Current: 200A/100mA, diameter 24mm, standard CT cable length: 2m, accuracy : class 0.5
   Optional devices: : 
   1) HMI: 7” touch screen LCD.  One HMI monitors max. 4 units of PMAC202 main module
         Resolution ratio: 800X480 
   2) DI module: Each DI module has 21 digital input                               3)  Leakage Current CT Module
   4)  Temperature Sensor 
PMAC202 &Accessories: 
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Company Information


                     ISO 9001                                          ISO 18001                                               ISO 14001
                                                                        CMMI Level 3 


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